What is the anodize surface of truss?

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Aluminum truss is now widely used in performance, wedding, exhibition and other fields. The purpose of surface treatment is to increase its corrosion resistance, wear resistance, color requirements, air tightness and fatigue resistance.

       It is easy to generate a layer of alumina with a thickness of about 0.01-0.02mm after used long time. The surface of this oxide layer is loose and porous, and its thickness is not uniform. It is extremely difficult to completely remove it after a long time, which affects the strength of the truss.

    Surface treatment of aluminum alloy trusses includes grinding and polishing, anodize, powder coating treatment, etc. The black trusses of our company are anodize treatment. Let´s briefly talk about this treatment method:

        Anodizing is a method of forming a layer of oxide film on the surface of the work piece or product by using the electrolysis principle of direct current and ac-dc electricity, so as to increase the corrosion resistance and make the surface nice looking.

For aluminum alloy, there are chromic anodizing, calico acid anodizing, sulfuric acid anodizing, hard anodizing, magnetic anodizing, phosphoric acid anodizing and so on. it can be divided into black anodizing and color anodizing from the color after surface treatment,

   The corrosion resistance, hardness, wears resistance, insulation and heat resistance of aluminum alloy or its products (such as trusses) have been greatly improved after surface anodize. And because the anodize oxidation adhesion ability is very strong, compared to the paint, the anode surface of the truss will not block off the paint.

       I trust you can choose correct surface treatment of truss now.

        I trust you can choose correct surface treatment of truss now.

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